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No lengthy applications, in-person meetings, or long waits. Use our quick and easy tool to get your custom rate.

Who’s eligible to apply?

To use our revolutionary new digital mortgage application, you need to meet all of the following criteria described below.

  • 700+ credit score

    The higher your credit score the better your rate will be. If you're not there yet, we will give you some tips on how to improve it.

  • 20% equity in your primary residence

    To be eligible you'll need at least 20% equity in your home. Unsure if you have enough equity? Enter your address above and we'll take a look.

  • Employed

    You must be employed by one of 100,000+ employers that verifies income instantly using our approved vendor.

Refinancing is usually a brutal process

The mortgage industry hasn't changed in decades. Most of the software used has stayed the same since the era of fax machines. As a result, it can often take weeks or months to get a response from underwriting.

Well, everything has changed now...

Now, refinancing just got a major update

Using a simple, fast process that saves administrative costs, we pass the savings on to you. We only offer conventional mortgages, and we’ve optimized every inch of the refinancing process.

You get to pay off your mortgage as quickly as possible

We’ve processed over $500 million in loans to date.

“Super easy process and my rate is awesome”

Get your new mortgage rate

Our process is three simple steps

Calculate your savings

Answer a few quick questions to see if you’re eligible to apply. If you are, we’ll show you an estimated new mortgage rate. To keep our process fast and simple, not all homeowners are eligible.

Give us some basic info

If you are eligible and you like your new low rate estimate, then fill out some basic details so we can get your mortgage application approved. Choose a 15-year or 30-year conventional mortgage.

Lock in your new low rate

Once we have all the info we need from you, we'll do our best to get everything finished in just a couple weeks, so you can spend time doing things way more fun than refinancing.

Meet the optimized refinancing process

Reduced paperwork

Our inhouse team uses proprietary tech to instantly verify income, employment and banking info to save you time. Because we know you’d rather be doing something other than paperwork.

Refinancing only

We offer 30-year or 15-year conventional refinance mortgages. No new purchases.

Transparent process you can track

Login and see where your mortgage is at in the process and what’s coming up next.

“Not only was the closing quick and painless, the whole experience was really a pleasure. We were given a great low rate the first time around without the haggling that has been done with previous companies we have dealt with.”

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